Online Presence

We make not only websites, but we give you online solutions for your business challenges.

Therefore, online presence is any form under which your brand/ business/ project can be present on the web. The most common form is a website, but, for a proper communication, the website should be just one step on a way that comprises many other forms, like: blogs, social media accounts, user generated media accounts etc. All these have to be strictly coordinated in creating a strong and stable digital brand, therefore aiming for fulfilling the business objectives.


Why would you need online presence?

  • Probably because you have a problem and a hunch that it can be solved online.

  • Or because you have an idea and believe it can be successful with online marketing.

  • Or because your business needs to sell or tell something to some people that are mostly found on the web.

  • Or because your competition is already on the web and you cannot ignore the fastest medium of communication and the last sensation in marketing efficiency.

  • Or just because you want your brand to express itself on a clear niche for creating value for its followers.

  • Whatever the reasons, it is usually a good thing to have a consistent presence online, based on a strategy that would constantly tell you the objectives and therefore would allow you to have a ground for measuring the return on investment (ROI).

What do we offer you?

  • We can build almost any form of online presence you need for your business, be it an e-store, a corporate website, a website event, a campaign website, a publishing platform, a blog, an intranet system, or other. We are usability experts and specialized in creating stable, easy to use, and easy to manage online systems.

  • We also customize visually and functionally your social media and give you all the necessary training for managing them on your own afterwards.

  • We are specialized in creating e-commerce platforms and brand websites, with an obsession for usability and measurement.



We use, dream and constantly learn the following programming languages:
PHP, MySQL, Ajax, JavaScript, technologies like: JQuery, MooTools and implementing with XHTML, CSS, Zend and Zend Framework.


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