The strategy is the corner stone of every project we develop. Every project we approach starts with a research phase where we make clear it's idea, objectives, and business context. From those conclusions we draw our insights, we establish the new perspectives, and put down the tactics, so that we could have a clear idea where we can get and what to expect as return on investment.


Why would you need strategy?

  • Because you need the best solutions in developing a project, and the strategy gives you the reasons and shows you the proper road for getting to your intended results.

  • Because you need to know where your project stands compared to the competitors’ and how you can get more from your business context.

  • Because you need to know what is going to happen with your project after it is developed and how you can integrate the project with your other business operations.


What do we offer?

  • We offer both the research and the conclusions for an online strategy that would go along with your general marketing objectives.

  • We make the market research, spotting your competition and the dymanics of the intended market.

  • We make the audit of your business (or your business idea), identifying your business profile, in a SWOT analysis and other key performance indicators.

  • We research and audit your online presence and advertising campaigns, so that we can have the complete picture of your business.

  • We draw the online marketing plan that would put together the objectives, the needed resources and the most adequate tactics for implementing your project.


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